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Happy Monday!

The summer heat is on and it is time for a new look book – Check out these awesome styles I personally selected for you:  Crop top pink  and White crochet crop top

Those items are easy to combine and I found all these adorable accessories to go with them. I love love love those looks!

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Time for a new outfit!


Thank you to Rose gal for bringing you this post! – opinions and look books are strictly my own.

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Hi everybody, I am in Salzburg, Austria – my hometown. I haven’t been here in summer for a long time and I am enjoying it so much. I finally find some time for myself and time with family and good friends – it is recharging and I so much enjoy all the beauty, love and positivity around me.

look up – change your view – and find the beauty!

I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about peace – the kind of peace within yourself. Life throws all kinds of things at you – and usually not only one thing at a time. If we react on each situation we will feel very soon stressed, worn out and worried – this is not a very good place – I have been there not only once…. So how can we accomplish to be at a personal good and happy, peaceful place with so much going on around us?

Find beauty in the details, look around the corner and explore!

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

Here are 10 tips for you:

  1. Learn to ignore things
  2. Don’t allow another person or situation to control your emotions
  3. Accept your present and yourself fully
  4. don’t try to waste energy things you can’t change – only focus on things that you can control.
  5. Focus on everything you can be grateful for
  6. Practice Mindfulness – live in the present moment – not in the past or future. Find everything positive that is going on around you.
  7. Set healthy boundaries, be selective with who you let into your life. It is a matter of self preservation.
  8. Be kind to others.
  9. Strengthen your self discipline and inner strength
  10. Learn emotional detachment

I am very happy to spend this week in this beautiful place I call home. For me it is a place of love, serenity and reflection.

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Happy Friday! The week blew by so fast – almost like a blur – and it is almost weekend again. I am getting ready to fly to Florida tonight with the redeye – I hope to get at least some hours of sleep. But before I leave I had to share those accessory finds with you. Those are my favorite picks for you – and of course me – lol. Everything you see on my blog I actually own or would looooove to have or am completely obsessed with. I hope you love it too. Have a great weekend – see you in Florida!  xoxo BB