Valentine’s Day Look Book

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Happy Almost Weekend!

Valentines day is around the corner – and it is time to think about an outfit. I know a lot of you might have different feelings about Valentines day, some of you love it, some of you are planning a special date with your significant other, some of you are by yourself and some of you just do not care much for it.

I personally love it – it is another occasion for something special, whether you are by yourself or not, it is time for a great dinner, flowers, a special outfit and maybe even a present.

I put a Look Book together for you for some inspiration,

Thank you so much for visiting me here, it really means a lot to me, leave me a comment about

your favorite item, I always love to hear from you!

xo BB

Let’s get dressed…

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Happy Wednesday!
In Austria it is “Ball Season” – it is the time people get dressed up and attend formal dances. It is wildly popular and you see people of all ages – from the age of 16 and up – dressed up in formal attire (dress codes are actually quite strict) and enjoying social dancing. Some of the most famous events are the Opera Ball at the Vienna Opera House and the New Years Ball at the Imperial Castle.
In LA we have Award Season. Emmy Awards, Oscars…. all of them take place at the beginning of the year and the gowns being presented on the Red Carpet are wildly talked about.
In Palm Beach we have “Season” with all the big Charity events at famous places like the Breaker’s Hotel.
Wherever you look you find plenty of occasions for beautiful dresses and formal attire.
Being a professional Ballroom Dancer, getting dressed in a beautiful gown is a part of my job that I love. And I thought to inspire you all a little bit to get out of your daily rut and get a little glam..
Do you have any special occasions coming up? Tell me about it! I would love to hear!
xo BB

Shades of Nude

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Happy Weekend!

Oops – Friday evening again!!! What happened? I can’t keep track lately and I am amazed how fast time flies when you are busy.. I even did not make it out to the barn to see Burt all week….and I am only posting my new Lookbook now… Oh boy!

But you know what, I am only human and I can only do so much in a day. I have to be grateful for how much I was able to accomplish in the last couple of weeks.

My SHOPBABETTEBROWN page went live, I am really proud of my new store and I am happy to be able to share my latest designs and styles with you.

I have a Coupon CodeLAUNCH25 for you. You can use it at the checkout for all styles – but hurry, it expires on 1/14 already!

I also launched my new HERZOG DANCE STUDIOS website yesterday, check it out!

I wish you all a fantastic start into the weekend! Thanks so much for visiting me here,

xo BB