A beautiful day

It has been raining a lot in sunny California in the past few weeks but today the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. The rain was much needed out here though, everything is green and lush, it is soooo beautiful!

I spent the day with my lovely horse, his name is Burt…. he had that name when I got him and he listened to it, so I did not want to rename him. Burt is an old guy by now, he is in retirement but he still thinks he is a teenager sometimes and today was the perfect day to have some fun together.



Here is a look book for you, inspired by my riding gear and this beautiful day, I hope you like it!

xoxo BB

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8:30AM is early….

Hi! This is my first Blog Post – I am excited about all the things we will get to share and do! Well… right now it is evening here – nighttime to be exact, it is past midnight already – and – yes – I am still at it as you guys can see…. but that’s OK, I am having a good time with this so I am wide awake.

My morning started at 8:30 – well – most of you will get up earlier than me – but 8:30 is actually early for me. I usually wake up because of one of my pets wants attention – well – not really one of them, Saults, the cat in particular.

Dog Is Good

He waits all night to see if somebody is moving – at the slightest sign he starts to be excited and meows “woohooo your up – let’s play or give me food or maybe I’m just bored”. The first thing is to go for a little walk with the doggies Coco and Stella and then it’s food time for everybody.

By now I really need my Coffee as soon as possible, to get me started. I rarely skip breakfast, today I indulged with Waffels and Strawberries – Yum!! Soo good!

I finally managed to squeeze a Nail appointment in – I was at least 2 weeks overdue. It was a great start to the day, a little bit of me time is definitely a luxury and much needed – especially during the week.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and I started to get in the mood for spring, so I decided for a soft, nude beige color for my fingers and a fresh turquoise for my toes – a little out of character for me because usually I am not into the blue tones when it comes to nails but today it felt great.

(This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links)


So I decided it would be fun to show them off and chose a pair of peep toe heels to go through the day.

Now it was time to get ready and to drive to the studio, but not before I made a couple of home made sandwiches to take with us for lunch. I personally like to cook, and I like to eat my own food and it is usually healthier than just grabbing a bite somewhere.

The next – 9 hours – from 12 to 9 – we spent at the studio. Lots to do, so no time to sit around – it’s business time – and we do take it very serious, but it is what we love. I love to dance and to work with dancers and people of all ways of life. Even so it is busy time, I always make sure I find time to recharge and to stop for a minute and make sure I am OK. Today I found time to stretch – much needed – and it felt soo good to just breathe and to get in touch with my body.

So… fast forward to 9PM – we have 2 hungry dogs, cats and a husband to feed…. I usually shop on the weekend so no detour to the store.

After feeding the hungry “zoo” – they are adorable – I played Martha Steward and cooked dinner, when we  finish it is usually already around 11PM. OK – Now you understand why 8:30 is early. At least for me…