Happy Easter

Easter this year was cozy and chill. We spent it at home with our four legged family, watching movies in pajamas and having breakfast until 3PM….

It was a gloomy cloudy day here in California, Burt – my horse – however thought that rolling in the mud was awesome.

I hand painted my easter eggs this year, an activity I enjoyed – I remember just buying some ready colored ones in the store a few years ago – it’s just not the same.

The day was relaxing and peaceful. It was a good day. Let’s think about new beginnings and growth and abundance. But I will say I am looking forward to hugging people again.

I miss you all.

How did you spend Easter Sunday? Are you celebrating or do you have different traditions? I would love to know.

xo BB

All the Drama..

Jeans: Hollister – see also here and here; Top: Zara (old) – also cute here and here; Necklace: Vintage – also here and here; Lips: Chanel

Right now we are in a very challenging time. All of us try our very best to go though this period with hope, positivity, kindness, grace and a lot of courage.

So many people are doing amazing things, from producing masks to offering shopping hauls for elderly people to keeping the dance community active and together. Everyone is trying to do their part the best they can.

But it is also important to stay in touch with our emotional wellbeing. This morning I just felt very overwhelmed. I decided to take it easy for the day, took a long bath and practiced yoga. I needed this day to feel grounded and myself again to be able to connect with everyone.

I took all this emotional drama I experienced and put it in pictures. Of course not without a little twinkle in my eye and a good laugh at myself.

I hope you are all safe,

Thank you so much for visiting me here, sending you lots of love.

xo BB


Dress: NA-KD: – also cute here and here; Belt: BCBG (old) – similar here and here;

2 weeks have passed since I came home from my last coaching trip… time flew… I was hoping this would be over soon but I guess not…

All of us dancers have been hit hard but one thing cannot be taken away and that is creativity. I love to create. From online dance classes to new dress designs to youtube videos and pictures. I have not stopped much. I just love creating.

This is a shoot I did all by myself. Just making some coffee and wearing my new dress for the occasion…

I hope you are all staying safe and at home for the time being.

Sending you love

xo BB