Millennium 2021 – what an amazing event it was. And an amazing event needs a special dress. I got a lot of questions and comments about my gorgeous gown I have been wearing for the Saturday Evening Session.

Fun Fact – It needed it’s own suitcase to come with me to Orlando… lol. And I mean a big one all by itself! But a special occasion is well worth the little effort and I firmly believe that in life you need to celebrate all occasions and this dress is a very special one.

It is an Emil Couture creation from his “Decadence” collection. Emil says  โ€œFor me, every dress must have a soul, given life by the women wearing my designs. There is a piece of my heart in everything I make.โ€

His dresses have been worn at the worlds most prestigious events such as the Oscars, Grammys and Emmy Awards.

I personally own a few of his beautiful gowns and they are some of my most cherished dresses in my closet and way too beautiful to only be worn one time.

xo BB

New into Summer

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of you!

I feel like sleeping beauty…. 100 years have passed and suddenly it is summer…

It is getting warm and beautiful outside, lots of states are starting to open up and life is strongly moving forward.

It is time for renewal on many levels. Let’s look into the future, at new goals and plans and new horizons. And enjoy the journey. Here are some ideas and inspirations:

  • Crate a map of places you would like to visit
  • List your own Life Rules
  • Redecorate your house
  • Host a safe Cocktail get together
  • What about a new Hair Cut…
  • Create a new Dance Showcase Routine
  • Create your own House Cleaning List to live clutter free
  • Start your own Herb Garden
  • Learn a new Business skill
  • Get some new favorite wardrobe items

Here is a new Look Book for you to get inspired ๐Ÿ™‚

All items are NEW ARRIVALS and are my personal picks for you.

Have a great weekend, Thank you so much for visiting me here,

xo BB


Feeling Pink…


We are at home for a while now and sometimes we can get a little bit of the blues… especially if you are like me and you love to give hugs…

For me the color pink has “HAPPY PLACE” written all over it, so I had a great time putting this Look Book together for you with my picks for what I would snuggle up in and use right now in quarantine.

Snuggle up in some cashmere, wear pink glasses, workout in pink sneakers, and indulge in some self care… sounds perfect to me.

I hope I can get you all a little inspiration with it. I miss you all very much.

Here are some Self Care Tips from me:

  1. Listen to lots of Motivational material on You Tube
  2. Browse Pinterest and work on your Inspiration Board
  3. Make your bed every day and clean up after yourself so your place stays neat and calm
  4. Practice Yoga daily
  5. Dance
  6. Work on daily Routines you can keep in your life that set you up for a successful day
  7. Declutter your home and closet – make some space, let something go
  8. Write a to do list every day
  9. Take a bath, use a face mask, pamper yourself
  10. Drink lots of water (I drink sparkly water with lemon)

Do you have any self Care tips? I would love to hear!

Thank you so much for visiting me here ๐Ÿ™‚

xo BB