Millennium 2021 – what an amazing event it was. And an amazing event needs a special dress. I got a lot of questions and comments about my gorgeous gown I have been wearing for the Saturday Evening Session.

Fun Fact – It needed it’s own suitcase to come with me to Orlando… lol. And I mean a big one all by itself! But a special occasion is well worth the little effort and I firmly believe that in life you need to celebrate all occasions and this dress is a very special one.

It is an Emil Couture creation from his “Decadence” collection. Emil says  “For me, every dress must have a soul, given life by the women wearing my designs. There is a piece of my heart in everything I make.”

His dresses have been worn at the worlds most prestigious events such as the Oscars, Grammys and Emmy Awards.

I personally own a few of his beautiful gowns and they are some of my most cherished dresses in my closet and way too beautiful to only be worn one time.

xo BB