Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays -whatever you are celebrating – and even if you don’t – for whatever reason. This time of the year everything slows down, you spend time with friends and loved ones. But you are also facing the inevitable, which is another year nearing its end.

This is a time to reflect and regroup. To look back and learn, and to plan and look forward to what comes next. There is a Japanese word I like (now, I do not speak Japanese – I saw it on Pinterest – and loved the description) – the word is “ukiyo”. The description is “living in the moment – detached from the bothers of life”.

What I took from that word is, that life is never 100% perfect. We are constantly developing, life and the surroundings are in constant change. For me it means the art of enjoying a moment. To chose a positive emotion over the natural sentimentality of the past and fear of the future. It is the art of giving yourself, and your mind a break. And it means the art of creating your own, beautiful reality. Life is what you make of it. And it starts with your thoughts.

I had a lovely Christmas Morning.

How did you spend your Christmas or your Holiday time?

xo BB

Christmas Morning Essentials


Happy Sunday Everybody!

Christmas is only 1 week away and here is a last minute Look Book for you – perfect, comfy and adorable for a cozy and warm Christmas Morning – pink and grey – some of my favorites! However you celebrate – wether you have kids and family at your home or you are having yourself a very merry Christmas – there are no rules in my book as long as you enjoy yourself.

What are your traditions? Or let’s start a new one all together 🙂

I would love to hear how you are celebrating this year, thank you for visiting me here:-)

xo BB

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