30 Days of Yoga


Hi Everybody!

Today I want to share a more personal journey with you. The last year has not been very easy in terms of my physical ability. We are all getting older which is OK and we all have kinks and ouchies and pulls and pinches – boohoo – lol. Being a Professional Dancer has taught me to deal with my body and to move through issues and rough patches – we all have them.

But last year was different. I danced my last show in August 2016, I needed shots into my back to get through it and I was in so much physical pain that all my strong, positive spirits were quite challenged. I even ended up in a pain management clinic and got prescriptions – which were very helpful and got me through the worst. But  just felt I needed a rest. From October 2016 until now, I basically stopped exercising much altogether. My body told me to Stop – Stop and Stop. I could not even ride a bike or ride my horse because my back was in so much pain, and by the time it was summer 2017 my hip stopped working as well and I basically could not walk normally. I had a limp, I could not easily get up and down stairs, I had a hard time teaching dance as well.

Basically my whole body went on strike and I felt that sitting around and going from one Doctor to the other and wailing in misery is not what I had planned out to do with my life.

I knew I needed to do something and I knew that I had to start to make friends with my body again and start working together with him in a mindful way. I also felt the need to refocus myself on the inside and make sure I stay a positive, strong person and my goal was to feel good again and to regain my strength.

So about a week ago I came across a series called 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. I figured I’ll try day 1 and see how I do. Day 1 was super easy, some breathing exercises, some stretches, some mindful time with the body, I loved it – it was exactly what I needed. It actually felt good – and I have not felt good moving in a long time!

I moved on to day 2 and 3, the workouts were not very long – only about 35 minutes – and gradually increase and Adriene presents everything in a light and very positive way, it’s all about what feels good.

Today I am onto day 7 – so it has been a week – and I already feel stronger and much more energetic during the day. My hip is still not good and my spine is still a challenge but it did made a huge difference in how I feel in general and I feel the gentle stretches and exercises help in the process of getting back onto my feet.

So I thought I wanted to share it with you, maybe it will make a difference for you too, whatever your journey in life is.

Feel free to contact me if you want to share your experience with exercising with me, I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!

xo BB
Lorna Jane (US)

Some easy stretches with Stella..

Let’s stop for a minute…. breathe… it’s time for ME TIME – yay!

For all of you who think they are too busy to fit some self care and fitness into their day, I have great news – It doesn’t have to take much time to do something for yourself!

I would like to share with you a few very simple stretching exercises I love to do. You will see, afterwards your body feels better, little aches and twitches will disappear, tensions will calm down and you feel great and continue your day.

And Stella wanted to be there too of course, she loves it when I exercise, she has to participate…

Here is what you will need:

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A Yoga Mat:Forever Pink Yoga Mat (3mm)Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat (5mm)

  1. Sit on your yoga mat, put your feet together and let your knees fall apart. Grasp your feet with your hands. Make sure you are sitting on the front part of your sitting bone and keep your back straight. Keep breathing and gently bend from your hips forward, and let your upper body relax. Keep breathing and let your own body weight gently extend your position.

Gaiam.Yoga Banner

2) Lay on your back and stretch your legs out. Bend one knee and grasp it with your hands. Gently pull it towards your chest. At the same time watch out that your other leg stays on the floor and your knee stays straight. Hold for a count of ten and then pull your knee across your body. Make sure your other leg and shoulder stays on the floor. Be gentle, let the body weight do the job, keep breathing and count to ten. Repeat with your other leg.


3) Sit up with your legs straight and make sure you are sitting on the front of your sitting bone with a straight back. Breathe in and gently bend forwards from your hips. Try to grab your toes with your hands, if it is not so easy, just simply place your hands on your legs as far forward as you can. Keep breathing and let your body weight pull you down. Make sure your knees are straight and your legs stay flat on the floor.


4) Sit up, bend one knee and place your foot across the other leg. Take your opposite arm and place your elbow across your knee. Make sure you are sitting upright on the front of your sitting bone. Take a deep breath and gently twist your shoulders and upper body towards your knee. Repeat to the other side.


Thanks for stretching with Stella and I, we enjoyed it very much, I hope you too. Contact me for tips and pointers,

xoxo BB 🙂