Florida Trip Roundup

One of my favorite places to travel to is Florida. No wonder – I lived there for a long time so it does have a special place in my heart. This trip was a great one, I packed so many things into it, new flying and travel tips, coaching lessons, me time at the Spa, Health appointments and visits with friends. I had an absolute blast.

I left with the Red Eye flight from LAX last Friday. I did not want to waste a perfectly fine day for flying so I opted for catching some sleep on a plane. Over all those years of traveling for dancing so much I got this down to a science and you can find my “Redeye Flight Survival Tips” in this previous post here.

But this time I had to go directly from the airport to the dance studio, I have been invited to coach and the schedule turned out in a way that I could not stop by to where I was staying to shower and change before heading to teach. I definitely stressed over this for a little bit – showering in the morning is an absolute must be for me and I absolutely cannot go without it.

So here is how I managed. I had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta and flew with Delta. I found out that they have showers  at terminal E and F in the Delta Sky Club lounges. I just got a day pass to get in – they had a spa area for travelers. You can check in, you get everything you need, Towels, hairdryer, toiletries and your own bathroom – absolutely spotless and spacious. I got ready for the day, had breakfast at their buffet with eggs, toast and Starbuck’s coffee and then made my way back to my terminal to fly to Florida and go to the studio. Thank you Delta, you were lifesavers in this crazy travel world.

After my coaching lessons I felt I needed some me time to restore, so I went to one of my favorite places, Eau Spa at the Eau Palm Beach Resort. It was the perfect me time and I enjoyed every minute of calm and beautiful bliss.

The rest of my time was packed with visiting friends, having some business meetings and some health checkups. I had a little scare with a mammogram a while back here in LA and I felt more comfortable to follow up at a fabulous facility in Jupiter, Florida, the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center. This center has been founded and designed by Suzanne Niedland in memory of her mom, who died of Breast cancer, and is one of the most advanced breast diagnostic facilities in the world. And besides that the people who work there really care and make you feel comfortable, it is a great place for women. And I’m really happy to hear that I am OK and everything is fine with my health.

I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to be back next time,

thank you so much for stopping by

xo BB


Staying Healthy

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On any given day we get up and go about our day as usual while being unaware of certain things we are taking for granted. We feel great, we feel we can conquer the world, we can do pretty much anything…. well, yes, sometimes we get a cold or the flu… but shortly after we recover and are back to bouncing through our days… and this goes on for a long time… until some day we wake up, and something is not quite right.

We think it will go away too, but it doesn’t, we press on with life like we are used to … until we figure this cannot be normal or we cannot go on like that and maybe then we think about to go to the doctor to get a checkup…
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Well, for me life was pretty good in my 20ies and 30ies, I do have issues with my spine since I am a teenager but since I am a dancer I was able to keep everything pretty much in check through training and exercise during my 20ies. My 30ies I spent in my dance studios, growing the business, and running from one accomplishment to the next.  I am a very motivated person, I never minded to work hard and I was proud of my achievements.

Now I am in my 40ies, I am as motivated as ever but suddenly my body responds differently to me than it did previously. My first reaction, as usual, was to be quiet about it and push through. But that did not go well in the long run, pain wore me down, especially emotionally, also something I was not used to since I got myself convinced I was superwoman – lol.

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I went to the doctors and ended up with painkillers, some of them gave me side effects that frankly scared me and I stopped taking them. All of those experiences got me to the point that I started to rethink myself. I knew I could not go on like I did and I needed to take some ME time and slow down a little bit and accept that I need to start to approach myself and my goals differently. Self care is an important part of my life now and I would like to share with you some of the things that I feel are energizing to me, relieve stress and tension and bring me in tune with myself.


  1. Acceptance: My best life lessons were taught to me by my dad. If I would call him for advice or even complain about certain situations, his response was to laugh at me…lovingly. He told me – well I know you would like it to be different, but this is how it is – and you have to shift your little head around it and accept it. Otherwise you will just be miserable.
  2. Refocus: Also a life lesson from my dad. If your vision of things is to narrow you need to step away and change your perspective. Make your viewpoint wider and look at things differently than just one way.
  3. Sleep: There is a difference between being lazy and actively resting. I need to make sure I rest and sleep and have some space and time to shut down and recover.
  4. Exercise: In my case I need to do my exercises regularly to keep my body moving and not getting even worse. I am trying to do things that I can enjoy, in my case a new gym outfit can go a long way – lol
  5. Enjoy time with my pets. Animals and pets are great for the soul, they have a way to make you happy and calm.
  6. Cuddle up in pajamas and watch a cute movie
  7. Take a bath
  8. Cook a delicious, home cooked, healthy meal, set a beautiful table and enjoy it
  9. Create a beautiful environment for myself, redecorate, clean up and organize something
  10. Read Positive affirmations
  11. Write down 10 things you are proud of and you love about yourself
  12. Learn something new
  13. Learn to never speak bad about yourself
  14. Breathe and trust your instincts
  15. Do not worry at all about what other people think

I hope I could give you some good ideas, and if it is just to inspire you to always take good care of yourself, even if right now you feel like superwoman. Take some time, get to know yourself and your limits and enjoy your life and everything to can do at any stage in your life.

I would love to hear if you have tips and stories as well

xoxo BB