My morning routine

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Good MOOOOOOORNIIIING! Well, who knows me is aware that mornings are not so easy for me. I am just NOT your morning person and in all honesty, Coffee is what I am really looking for when I am getting up – lol!

Today is another rainy day in California and I want to share with you my personal morning routine. It really does help me to get a good start in the day. It also keeps me focused and I can enjoy the day with minimal amounts of stress because I feel prepared for what I will have to do and accomplish.

  1. Try to get out of bed quickly – now this is a hard one for me but it’s kind of like jumping into the water. You just have to do it, then it is ok..
  2. Open the blinds and make my bed. There is something about making your bed in the morning and not just leaving everything in a mess, it is kind of the first organizing task of the day and it makes you feel put together and ready for the day. I also love to know that at the end of the day I get rewarded with a nice place to retreat and rest.
  3. Brush my teeth and wash my face. Goes without saying…
  4. Drink a glass of Lemon Water. I know everybody says you should do it but it really works. I love water with lemon actually at any time but it really makes a difference to start your day with it because it rehydrates the body and flushes the digestive system.
  5. Take the doggies out for a walk – by now Coco and Stella are already jumping up and down – they know it’s time for their morning walk. It get’s me out  to breathe some fresh air and move a little bit.
  6. Feed the pets – OMG their excitement of getting food amazes me daily. They are soo cute and make me smile so much.
  7. Have Coffee and Breakfast – FINALLY!! Coffeeeeee – yaaay! I must say I am a luck girl because my husband makes me coffee and breakfast every day. My advice is – don’t skip breakfast! It has many health benefits to take that time and it helps to get your metabolism going!
  8. Have some time to do something for yourself (Yoga, Positive Affirmations, Reading, Gym) – I know, time can be tight in the mornings, but even if it is just 5 minutes to read some positive affirmations or you have the luxury of making it to Yoga or the gym, any of these self care rituals will make a difference for you.
  9. Make a To Do List for the day – Stop right here! Before you start to rush to get ready and out the door, make a to do list. It will get you focused and take some of the stress away because making a list is not only a reminder of what you need to do, it also helps you with prioritizing. Nobody can get EVERYTHING done every day, so choose your most important points and calmly go after them.
  10. Get showered and dressed – the best way is to already have planned out what to wear the night before.
  11. Make Up – Yes – put that new lipstick on and strut it off – a little glam doesn’t harm!
  12. Off to a great day – Feeling good – looking great – Let’s go – have a wonderful day everybody!

This is how my mornings look like – how about yours? Tell me about it!

xoxo BB
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