Emil Couture at Emerald Ball

This Year’s Emerald Ball was very special. Wayne and Donna Eng celebrated their 30 Year Anniversary of organizing this event.I felt very honored to be invited to judge and I am grateful that I could be a part of it.

I am dancing since I am 3 years old and even now, after all these years, I love it as much as on the first day. Even so the roles have changed and I am now on the side of the floor, watching every step closely, I do it from a place of love and appreciation for all the dancers and their journeys.

Those beautiful evening gowns I was allowed to wear are Emil Couture. Every piece is unique and spectacular. Emil’s creations have been worn at the Oscars as well as the Grammys and Emmy Awards and many more top notch Red Carpet Occasions.

Thank you so much, Emil for dressing me and for making me feel fabulous. And Congratulations to Wayne and Donna Eng to a very special 30 Year Anniversary Event. Thank you for everything.

xo BB

Oscar Weekend

It’s Oscar weekend in LA and we are havingĀ our own Oscar Party on Sunday with friends. Of course fashion is going to be our main topic.. It is time to bring out all the glam and therefore I put a look book together for all of you to be inspired by. It is never a mistake to go glam – let’s do it right!

And most of all – let’s have fun and enjoy ourselves

xoxo BB

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