Gazelle vs Cortez

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Hi Everybody!

Phew – it has been an intense week, lots to do and to get ready for. This Thursday I am having my official Office Reveal Party! – I am almost finished decorating and ready to show all of you;  stay tuned for the Office Reveal post coming up!

But that is just one of my recent projects – I will reveal more of my upcoming events and happenings as we go along.

Today I would like you to choose – I am obsessed with the new sneakers hitting the stores – especially those two styles – The Gazelle by Adidas – it comes in a couple of shades of pink and I am already in love – and the Cortez by Nike – such a cool retro inspired sneaker – I love!

I have been shopping today and got myself one of them – which one? Well you can guess – who knows me well knows the answer right away. But I am still contemplating getting both…

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

xo BB

Classy and Cute Accessories

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Happy Friday! The week blew by so fast – almost like a blur – and it is almost weekend again. I am getting ready to fly to Florida tonight with the redeye – I hope to get at least some hours of sleep. But before I leave I had to share those accessory finds with you. Those are my favorite picks for you – and of course me – lol. Everything you see on my blog I actually own or would looooove to have or am completely obsessed with. I hope you love it too. Have a great weekend – see you in Florida!  xoxo BB