For when you are too busy…

I think being busy is good! I personally like to be busy and work and create and keep things moving. But at what point are you too busy?  I hear a lot of people telling me how awfully busy they are every day and how exhausted they are.

In my experience, the good kind of busy is when I am productive. I love getting things done, making things happen and checking things off my list. Check – Done – Yay! It makes me feel alive and strong and proud of myself. The same goes for spending quality time with friends and family, setting time aside for a hobby or new project. But the reason why all of this makes me feel good and strong is that I chose those activities, set time aside for them and made them a priority.

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Everybody has the same 24 hours daily. I personally need my 8 hours of beauty sleep – so that leaves 16 hours full of productivity and choices. Yes, that is a lot of time! Half of that time we usually spend at work – which leaves another 8 hours for ourselves.

Here are my ideas on how to make the best out of those hours.

  1. Your cell phone is a fantastic thing. Nowadays we are used to being available all the time. My tip for you – Don’t! Try turning your phone off. It is amazing how suddenly you live in the moment, you consciously are aware who is around you and you suddenly have time to do something for yourself. Nobody texts, calls, messages…. you can feel how your brain starts to shift and quiet down and learns to focus on the now.
  2. Choose quality time with friends and family rather than meaningless chatter. There is absolutely no need to call or text anybody 10 times a day with “hey, how are you?” “what are you doing?” “look what I am doing”…. Choose some quality time instead. Meet for a coffee – if they are not in town, take some time aside for a real phone talk – have a Skype breakfast together…. and you will not fall into the mind trap of – omg I didn’t hear from… today… (panic – lol)
  3. Learn to say no. So you would like to spend time with your hobby or project – but you find no time because….. Do make time for yourself and your interests. You always wanted to learn a new language, learn how to dance…. Then make it a priority. Choose it and say no to other things, take that time. You will feel good about yourself. Otherwise you will never get to do it.
  4. Meditate, exercise, practice yoga, dance… do something that makes your brain disconnect from your daily rut. Connect with your body, with your breathing, break a sweat. Even if you feel tired now, you will feel better afterwards and you will be able to focus again.
  5. Create a morning routine that allows you to start the day great and helps you to focus.
  6. Create an evening routine that helps you to quiet down, unplug and relax.
  7. Delegate – you don’t always have to do everything yourself. Allow yourself some luxury – hire a cleaning lady or use online services that deliver to your doorstep instead of spending all day to run errands and clean.
  8. Check your emails at specific times only and set time aside to answer emails and messages.
  9. Make a to do-list every day and write it down. This way you do not have to keep everything in mind at once and it is easier to pick your priorities. Just calmly go about getting things done – one by one – according to your priorities.
  10. Choose not to complain about things, it is the number one time waster and has not ever solved anything. It also makes you feel bad and anybody in your surroundings who gets to witness. Look to find solutions instead, or if you cannot influence the situation – stop thinking about it. The more you talk about it the more you think about it. Choose to think about everything you like instead and share it with people. It will make you feel good and everybody in your surroundings as well.

I hope some of these pointers help you to chose what to do with your time and to enjoy life 🙂 Maybe you smile and find yourself in one of the examples and go – omg yes, right I need to make time for something I want to do…  Share with me if you have some more tips or experiences, or want to share your story, I would love to hear!

xo BB 🙂