A Special Gift

Dover Ebony & Copper – Black Skeleton Wood Watch by JORD c/o

My husband Dima and I have a pretty amazing story about how we got together, a lot of unlikely events happened. It was around Halloween 2011, and Dima was supposed to move back to Europe, but there was a snowstorm in New York and all flights got cancelled – and the rest is history.

It is that time of the year again – 6 years later – and this weekend we are celebrating and remembering everything we got through, and all the adventures we experienced together. We were a pretty unlikely couple in the beginning, we have 12 years between us and we are both strong personalities, so we had to battle things out at times.

This post is about him – usually he is behind the camera – he likes to direct better than being directed, but we worked that out as well for the day and we had a fantastic time taking pictures.

I gave Dima a special gift today, he loves watches and he loves things made out of wood, so when I saw these amazing designs, I knew I had to get him one. The watch he is wearing in the pictures is made by JORD, a company that specializes in hand crafted wood timepieces.

It is a perfect gift to remember special moments, time flies – so fast – but it is beautiful memories that stay with you all your life and that define the quality of your life.

They have both, a men’s shop and a women’s shop for their designs and they also offer special engraving services for your new watch.

I also have a special coupon code just for you, it is available until December 19th but there is a limited amount on a first come first served basis.

Thank you to JORD Wood Watches for bringing you this post,

xo BB

Wooden Wrist Watch