Cozy for the Holidays

Sweater: ShopBabetteBrown; Coffee Cup: JOCO Cup

Merry Christmas to all of you,

I decided to switch off for the last few days and get cozy for the holidays. It has been a whirlwind of a year. I needed some rest and let my thoughts flow free for a little while. 2018 flew by fast, I got a lot accomplished and also felt I learned a lot about myself.

Next month I am celebrating my first anniversary of my online store ShopBabetteBrown. I loved the journey so far and all I did was taking baby steps… (hey – I figured out how to create a store website…). Most remarkable moment was my first T-Shirt launch last July. Actually I did not get to do the launch. Those T – shirts were gone before I got to it… it was amazing. My most memorable moments were my first excited trips to the post office (that excitement wore off quickly). And definitely all your kind and sweet messages and pictures of you wearing your new items.

With CandiedViolets I am soon celebrating the second anniversary. I fell in love with blogging and writing and all the creativity and photography that goes with it. Most of the pictures I actually take myself. I love fashion and I love putting my little spin on it. Just the process of it inspired me greatly and affected so many aspects of my life. I learned so much in many different ways of doing business. And I am grateful I got to collaborate with some fabulous companies. I am full of ideas and looking forward to 2019.

My biggest love in my life always was and always will be dance. I am so happy about all these fabulous opportunities I got this year. From teaching and running my studio to coaching and choreographing to being a part of some of the top events in the USA. I have so much to be grateful for.

I definitely kicked one bad habit in 2018 – that is fear. It is our biggest procrastinator and spoiler of happiness and success. I consciously worked on myself to focus and channel my thoughts and to take a deep breath and doing it anyway…. Anxiety – I don’t have time for you – I have goals to slay…. 😉

Thank you so much for visiting me here, it really means a lot.

xo BB