Letting my hair down with Formulate


Today I am letting my hair down for you. Who knows me for a long time remembers me with black hair – it was a long way to become a blonde from that and finally now my hair is nice and long …

My natural hair color is brunette, I need to get my hair colored every month and I do have very fine hair. Not the ideal starting point for long blonde hair, I know, so I do have to be super extra careful.

So when I got approached by Formulate to become a launch partner for their new hair product I was intrigued and said yes right away.

A Shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for me – based on my characteristics, goals, lifestyle, and environment. And it is Preservative free – Sulfate free – Paraben free and Cruelty free.

When I moved from Florida to California a few years back, the first difference I felt right away was the change in climate, water and humidity.

As a result my hair started to get brittle and dry and broke off. I had to cut it back to a long bob and regrow my hair until it was nice and long again. Climate is definitely a huge factor and Formulate takes this into consideration.

So this is what they made for me:

I wanted Color Protection, Deep Conditioning, something to mend split ends, something anti frizz and something to make my hair glossy and shiny.

And voila – here it is – my own Shampoo and Conditioner – made specifically for me!

So if you are as excited and curious about it – I have great news – I have a GIVEAWAY for you!

Enter now and the winner will receive their very own Shampoo and Conditioner! Excited?

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If you would like to get your own products right away, Contact me and the first 10 emails will receive a special Invitation Code to Formulate.

Brought to you by Formulate.co

xo BB