New Object of Desire

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And then this happened…

In my last post from Saturday I was all excited about going Ice skating …. it was lots of fun. But guess what happened – I fell and broke my hand… I actually still can’t believe this happened…

So I ended up at the hospital and they wanted to give me a cast until the shoulder, but I walked out with a splint and a sling instead. A cast was too much for me.

Now – a few days later – I got obsessed with the idea of beautiful scarves to use as a sling for my arm. My favorite pick on my wishlist is the Hermes “Etude pour one Parure de Gala” scarf. I am in love!

Scarves are wardrobe staples, you are going to wear them for years to come. They are extremely versatile – the perfect belt, necklace, light jacket and even a hat when you need to maintain good hair while riding in a convertible – or even a sling for a broken arm…

Enjoy my Look Book for inspiration.

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