Hi everybody, I am in Salzburg, Austria – my hometown. I haven’t been here in summer for a long time and I am enjoying it so much. I finally find some time for myself and time with family and good friends – it is recharging and I so much enjoy all the beauty, love and positivity around me.

look up – change your view – and find the beauty!

I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about peace – the kind of peace within yourself. Life throws all kinds of things at you – and usually not only one thing at a time. If we react on each situation we will feel very soon stressed, worn out and worried – this is not a very good place – I have been there not only once…. So how can we accomplish to be at a personal good and happy, peaceful place with so much going on around us?

Find beauty in the details, look around the corner and explore!

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

Here are 10 tips for you:

  1. Learn to ignore things
  2. Don’t allow another person or situation to control your emotions
  3. Accept your present and yourself fully
  4. don’t try to waste energy things you can’t change – only focus on things that you can control.
  5. Focus on everything you can be grateful for
  6. Practice Mindfulness – live in the present moment – not in the past or future. Find everything positive that is going on around you.
  7. Set healthy boundaries, be selective with who you let into your life. It is a matter of self preservation.
  8. Be kind to others.
  9. Strengthen your self discipline and inner strength
  10. Learn emotional detachment

I am very happy to spend this week in this beautiful place I call home. For me it is a place of love, serenity and reflection.

thanks for stopping by,

xo BB

Arizona Beauty..

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Happy Friday!

Memorial Day weekend is starting and I am in Scottsdale, Arizona for People’s Choice Dancesport Championships. I had some time in the morning to enjoy the beautiful nature here and spend some time with my little rescue, Stella. She follows me everywhere, so sweet. I think she is thankful for all the love she is getting now – she deserves all of it.

Have a great Day,

xo BB

Red Eye Flight Survival Tips

I am back from Florida, it was a quick trip over the weekend and because I had a tight schedule I did not want to use a day to travel – the solution – the Red Eye flight. I am used to flying, even so nowadays I try to look for more convenient flights and times than a few years back. I particularly do not like long layovers, hanging out at the airport is clearly not my favorite past time.

So last Friday I took the Red Eye from LAX to Fort Lauderdale. I left straight from the dance studio after a full day of teaching. Being a dancer for a long time I use airplane time to do one thing – sleep. I want to share some tips and experiences with you how to get some sleep on a plane and arrive rested at your destination:

(This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links)

Earplugs: An absolute must have on every flight. Whatever it is – a screaming child, two ladies chatting loudly right behind you… this is the one and only thing that will save you and help you to at least some sleep

Eye Mask: No disturbances from reading lights, TV, computer screens and early morning sunshine coming in from the windows. You can sleep until touchdown or when the flight attendant asks you to put your backrest into the upright position…

Face moisturizer: Moisture is key when you are on an airplane, I always have a little face water spray with me. It is refreshing, especially after a good sleep, ready for a new day at your destination.


Cashmere Wrap: It can be freezing on an airplane and goosebumps are a certain way to keep you awake. You want to snuggle into a warm and cozy large and soft wrap, ready for a good night sleep above the clouds


Travel Toothbrush: On long haul flights my routine is to settle in and watch a movie and have dinner. Afterwards I go to refresh myself and brush my teeth and get ready for my good night sleep. A travel toothbrush is an absolute must have for me.



Earphones: Wether I want to watch a movie or just want to cancel out some more noise, I bring earphones – my Beats to be exact. For flying I do not like the ear buts, I like the big earphones. If it is very noisy on the plane I even wear them over my earplugs to cancel out more noise. A lifesaver sometimes.



Travel Pillow: Since I have a spine injury I have to support my neck and head when I am sleeping so a travel pillow is another must have for me for traveling.

Socks: Especially on long haul flights I like to slip into some cozy, comfy, warm, snuggly socks. It keeps my feet warm and cozy and adds to more comfort.

Moisturizing Cream: Moisturizing is key on a flight so I always have a little bit of extra cream with me. I use it for hands and face so I do not have to bring too many products.

I hope you have a great flight and get some rest! xoxo BB