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Happy Weekend!

The weather is AMAZING! Time to get out and about and active! Here is some Workout Inspiration for you, if you are like me and find it hard to get started.

  1. Give yourself a Reward afterwards. That might work for me actually. Except that that reward I would pick could easily be desert…. oops
  2. Sign a Commitment contract and fine yourself $20 each time you miss. Well, I don’t think that would turn out well in my case. I would forgive myself too easy for skipping and save all the twenties and use them reward myself after a few days….lol… bad idea for me.
  3. Positive Thinking. I love that idea, if I visualize my goals, how I will feel like or look like afterwards, I would actually get motivated. It works kind of like a reward in a way. And I always believe in positive thinking.
  4. Find your Fitness Tribe. This could work… – but I can be quite an individualist so probably the best way would be a coach or a class.
  5. Get a new outfit. Works like clockwork for me but is really short lived since as soon as I have worn it a few times I will need another one… but then – that’s ok too – lol
  6. Dance. It’s the best workout anyway and it is so much more fun!

What would work best for you? Let’s have some fun, Life is too serious…

Thank you so much for visiting me here,

xo BB

Always on the move

Hello –  and thank you so very much for stopping by,

I know I have not been posting a lot in the last few weeks. I definitely had a lot going on but the main reason was that I took some time for myself to develop a new skill. I bought myself a really beautiful Photo Camera and started to learn how to take pictures. I must say I am having a blast! I have definitely a long way to go but I am very excited with my progress and I am loving it.

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Lorna Jane (US)

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in very long. I have a spine injury and I have been battling it for a long time and I guess I got worn down a lot by pain so I decided to just relax for a while and just see that I get better. But I personally like to be healthy and fit, and I need my body as a professional dancer, even so I am retired from competing professionally, so after this break it felt good to get started again nice and easy and to take care of myself.


Here are a few tips on how to get started with exercising and being more active after you had a break:

1 Love your body in every state – you did not work out in a while – so this was your decision. Own up to it and be OK with it. You loved these couch cushions? That’s Ok! Getting started with a positive approach towards yourself is most important. If you do not appreciate yourself now, you will not after you reached your fitness goals.

2 Baby steps! Do not go right away to your absolute maximum – this feels more like punishing yourself rather than developing yourself and taking care of yourself. Start with something light and fun, even if you just go for 15 minutes. An active lifestyle is a habit, give yourself time to establish it and to enjoy it. Start small and create a habit.

3 Increase intensity step by step – one little change at the time. It is again all about changing your own behavior and that usually never works if you have too high ambitions right away (I’ll start my diet on monday….yeah…lol – never works) – start NOW but one little thing at the time.

4 Write down every success you had – every little thing counts! Written words are powerful and after a while you have lots of things to read back and be proud of. Little Victories need to be celebrated – they will add up over time and become big victories!

5 Expect setbacks! Like in everything in life, you will have bad days or will get temporarily distracted by life when it gets a little crazy. Make sure you find motivation in these times, for me a new gym outfit goes a long way, but you can try some different classes, new exercises and mix things up a little bit. If times get a little tough – keep going and get past it. It is like in life – get unstuck – move past it – and know that it will all be OK in the end.

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I hope those tips help you to get back to it in a positive way. For me – setting a date never worked, if I want to make a change, I change now. But very little, it’s like driving and starting to gently stir into a new direction. If you drive to fast – you will crash.

I would love to hear your tips and stories,

xo BB