Workout Inspiration

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Happy Weekend!

The weather is AMAZING! Time to get out and about and active! Here is some Workout Inspiration for you, if you are like me and find it hard to get started.

  1. Give yourself a Reward afterwards. That might work for me actually. Except that that reward I would pick could easily be desert…. oops
  2. Sign a Commitment contract and fine yourself $20 each time you miss. Well, I don’t think that would turn out well in my case. I would forgive myself too easy for skipping and save all the twenties and use them reward myself after a few days….lol… bad idea for me.
  3. Positive Thinking. I love that idea, if I visualize my goals, how I will feel like or look like afterwards, I would actually get motivated. It works kind of like a reward in a way. And I always believe in positive thinking.
  4. Find your Fitness Tribe. This could work… – but I can be quite an individualist so probably the best way would be a coach or a class.
  5. Get a new outfit. Works like clockwork for me but is really short lived since as soon as I have worn it a few times I will need another one… but then – that’s ok too – lol
  6. Dance. It’s the best workout anyway and it is so much more fun!

What would work best for you? Let’s have some fun, Life is too serious…

Thank you so much for visiting me here,

xo BB